The Fun Club

The easy way to pay for a party or even get one free!!

The Fun Club is a super easy way to save for your next party.

Coming soon to Playland.


Earn points when you spend at each visit.

Add points whenever you want.

Points make $$$$

Spend $10 in any one transaction and get 1 point

Spend $30 in any one transaction and get 5 points

Spend $100+ in any one transaction and get 15 points

You can use your earned points to pay for anything at any time at Playland.

Or you can save them up during the year and put them towards the cost of your next Birthday Party.

You can also buy a few extra points for your Fun Club card each month to put towards that special Gold Party

1 point = $1

Regular visitors could easily earn enough for a free party every year!!!!

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